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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Favorite Things Thursday - Coffee Edition

Coffee...coffee...coffee, what can I say? I absolutely love the stuff! Since I do love all things coffee related, I thought on this Thursday I would share five of my favorite things that relate to coffee, because who doesn't love a good cup of Joe?

No doubt - my absolute favorite type of K-Cup!

Coconut Mocha Coffee - I mean, what can I say except this is my favorite coffee! It has a slight chocolate flavor with the perfect hint of coconut a midst the delicious medium roast flavor...and the smell that it gives off when it is brewing, oh my goodness. Yep - go get you some of this stuff as soon as possible because you will NOT regret it!

Owls in Trees Tervis - the best!

Owls in Trees Tervis - This is the best way to carry around a cup of delicious, delightful coffee. I've had one or two Tervis in the past but they were for carrying cold drinks and so when I got this as a gift, I was thrilled. Especially when I filled it with coffee for the first time and even though it was steaming hot, I could carry it around without even feeling the heat! It also has owls on it, which makes it that much more perfect!

Maybe my second favorite K-cups...yummy, yummy!

Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle - Okay, if the Coconut Mocha is my most favorite coffee, then this would have to be my second favorite. This a a light roast, so the chocolate and raspberry flavors are a bit stronger than the warm coffee bean flavor...but the chocolate, raspberry and coffee flavors all mix together to make a seriously yummy cup of coffee! This coffee also smells divine when it's brewing; like someone just opened a big box of raspberry truffles! Delicious!

Not something you'd immediately think to throw in coffee!

Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Bits - I know what you're thinking; these are not made for coffee, but hey now that isn't necessarily true! If I'm offered hot chocolate or coffee, I will most likely pick coffee but what's not to love about a cup of Chocolate Covered Donut coffee with some Vanilla marshmallows tossed on top? I assure you, get yourself a container of these and toss a few on your next cup of coffee. They will make it that much more delightful!

A delicious brand of coffee - straight from the Caribbean!

Cafe Trinite - This may be the most rare thing on this list, coffee straight from the Caribbean! My parents brought me back a bag of coconut coffee from their cruise in the Bahamas last year and it is no doubt the best bag of coffee I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Obviously, I have a slight affinity for things that are coconut flavored and when I don't have my coconut mocha k-cups at hand, this is the coffee I reach for first!

So there you have it - the five coffee related things that I love the most! What kind of coffee do you like most? Are there special things you add to your coffee from time to time to make it a little bit more special? I love some coffee, so I think I'll go have myself a cup (or two) right now!

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