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Sunday, February 16, 2014

When the ---- Hits the Fan...or the Floor

Y'all - what a week. I don't even know where to start except to say that I am happy to see this weekend in the rear-view. I guess the week itself wasn't really that rough but Saturday was just about the worst day of the week, without a doubt. Granted, I'm getting ahead of myself on that and I'll get there in due course. So, moving right along....

Just passing the time on a Monday lunch break....

I'm nothing if not insanely into being organized & prepared!

Monday night one of the funniest things happened - and of course, it involves Watson. He keeps me laughing most days and I'm telling you, on bad days he is normally the bright spot. Monday night I knew that Watson had disappeared into my bedroom and I was pretty sure he was asleep on my bed. I went to my bedroom and I couldn't find him but I could hear his breathing. I looked all over and only when I walked around the corner of the bed did I see that he'd managed to climb to the top of the pillows and squish himself down in a little ball. It further cracked me up when I sent my Mom, my sister and a friend of mine the top picture to see who could find him first - and they were all just as cracked up by him as I was. I'm telling you, funniest little fur ball I have ever had the pleasure to call my own.

Playing hide & go seek with my favorite fur ball!

I can't help it - he couldn't be more adorable. 

Watching the Olympics - his favorite sport is snowboarding; he's very into it...

I have raised the bar this past week on my exercise - and surprisingly enough, I haven't died! I certainly thought on Tuesday that treadmill was going to run away with me but when it got faster, I just took it minute by minute and before I knew it, I was done! I somehow felt even more empowered once I conquered the crazy trip on the treadmill that I went all around the gym using the weight machines. I guess I was just in total beast mode because I lifted 120 pounds on one leg machine and 130 pounds on another before bouncing over to the crunch machine and doing crunches that involved me lifting 30 pounds! I even did the machine that involves hanging/balancing on your forearms while your body and legs dangle and raising up your legs to do "inverted" crunches. That machine is tough! I'm glad I can do all this but let me tell you, I feel it in the morning...and then I feel it the next morning...and maybe even the next...

That's 120 pounds - because sometimes I can go into beast mode...

That's a gray hair - from MY head. Oh mercy, this is NOT happening....

Have I mentioned lately that he's completely rotten?

Curly hair - don't care...just wish it would stay that way a little bit longer!

After almost two weeks of completely gray, dreary and downright awful weather - the sun finally came out on Thursday! I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of February because it just seems to be one long parade of gray and this year has been no different. I will not be sad to see this month pass because hopefully March will be a bit more sunshine and a lot less cloudiness; Lord knows I completely understand why people suffer from seasonal affective disorder because I promise, if I have to see many more clouds then I will run screaming. As it was, I was so excited to see the sun on Thursday that I wanted to get up and run in circles around the office. I didn't - because, hello...not professional...but the urge was definitely there. All I have to say is, come on Spring - let's do this.

The sun FINALLY came out! Hallelujah!

This is a hot look, I know...I didn't show you the pictures from when she was dying my eyebrows; it would have been too much to handle.

I mean - doesn't he clean up well? I may or may not have a Benedict Cumberbatch problem....

A new hair-do always makes me feel better and on Thursday, I took my lunch break at the end of the day and had a nice visit to the salon. I had pored over pictures and settled on what I wanted done; so with a flash of the picture(s) saved on my phone, I was plopped into the chair and within minutes my whole head was slathered in gorgeous brown goo - gotta love it! What you've got to love even more is that the girl that cuts my hair has recently become a huge Game of Thrones fan and so we easily passed the time that it took for my color to set discussing the merits of House Stark versus House Lannister, our favorite cities in Westeros and what we think (well, what she thinks...I know since I've read the books) will happen in season four. Only 48 days until season four arrives and I know that Lilah and I will both be glued to our TV sets. Beyond that, on the hair front...I had to have my eyebrows darkened to match my new hair and while I was at it, I got my eyebrows waxed because honestly...they needed it. I absolutely love my new hair-do and as I said, a new hair-do will always boost one's mood!

Yay for a new hairdo!

I happily sang the Olympic theme song to him...he was not amused.

Maybe a little self-absorbed, but I really like my new hair...

Valentine's morning aftermath & mayhem....

Valentine's Day - or as I like to call it, Singles Awareness Day. I do hate it but to be honest, I've never been a fan...even when I had a significant other. The holiday just strikes me as something that can only be truly enjoyed if you are lucky enough to have romantic love in your life and if you don't, then you really are kind of left out in the cold. I know that there are many different types of love and I was beyond blessed on Valentine's Day with affection from numerous different sources of love - and I am incredibly lucky for that, because I know full well that there are lots of people that probably didn't even get a single gift. So, that being said...I realize I sound completely wishy-washy on the subject so maybe I should just move past it. I spent my Valentine's Day at work, followed by dinner and a movie with two of my friends. The dinner wasn't spectacular and the movie was less than thrilling but at least the time was passed with people that I care about, and I suppose that's all that matters.

A gift from my lovely Mom & Dad! So delicious!

Another present - this time from my sweet friend Hope!

My gifts from my parents: 2 Peanuts season ornaments, the display stand for them, a Subway card & a Chick Fil A card! Thanks a ton guys!

A happy puppy, enjoying the Saturday morning sun!

Saturday - oh what a day. Dear Lord, I sure do wish I could just have gotten back in the bed and started this whole day off differently. You see, last week I wrote about having suspected plumbing problems and while at the time it scared me to death, it seemed like it wasn't that big of a deal. Well - fast forward to this week and guess what? It's a big deal. I decided to start on my laundry this morning and things were going just fine until I heard the toilet go from bubbling to overflowing all over the guest bathroom floor and flooding it. The toilet and the bathtub had filled with grayish, debris filled water - at least, what hadn't spilled all over the floor. After running through the house to cut off the washing machine, I mopped up the nasty water and reached out to a family friend, who brought his brother and came over. The next two hours were spent with them digging around in the back yard, coming to the conclusion that vines have apparently grown into my pipes, the whole system is blocked/jammed/under pressure and if the truth be told, I probably need to have a major plumbing overhaul.

I broke down and cried three times today - all because of my crazy plumbing issues. I watched while puddles of nasty water kept bubbling up in the midst of my backyard and when the wind would blow just right, the smell was truly lovely. I spent the afternoon dragging laundry across the yard to and from my Nanny's house since my washing machine is now off limits - as is my guest bathtub, my guest toilet, my dishwasher and guess what? I have to wash my dishes carefully in the kitchen sink because when I let just a little bit of water out of the kitchen sink...the guest bathroom toilet starts bubbling, gurgling and all around making me a nervous wreck. So, I guess I'll begin my week taking short showers, wading into the task of finding someone to fix my plumbing problems and praying that it doesn't cost a fortune. I'm telling you, what a Saturday. Ugh.

A sure sign that your Saturday isn't really going to go as planned....

You know things are rough when you have a diagram....oh Lordy....

He has obviously really fell in love with his car seat; I sometimes think I should just bring it in & let him sleep in it nightly...

Bubbles in the toilet - this is part of the problem. And yes, I know it's nasty...but that's what happens when the plumbing backs up. 

My little love, checking out what's going on with me in the chair.

Sometimes when you've had a bad day, you just have to attack a chocolate covered, caramel covered apple with a knife...

Another goofy Sunday morning mirror picture....because that's how I roll...

Sunday (or today) has gone by way too fast! I feel like my Saturday was crazy fast as well, but I think that is mostly because of all the madness. I woke up a little crazed this morning because I'd had a very real dream that I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and stepped out of the bed into ankle deep, cold gray water. Talk about waking up from a sound sleep, I certainly did just that and immediately cut on the lamp to peer over the bed and make sure my dream (I guess it was really a nightmare) wasn't reality. Once I actually got up to go about my day, it seemed to pass in a blur of babies, Bibles and preparing for the week ahead. This weekend definitely passed way too quickly - at least for me.

Sunday morning cuddles!

Sunday night sunset - the weekend is going out with a blaze.
Well - that's all she wrote (literally) for this post. I've got to cheer on Team USA in the ice dancing (even thought they can't hear me through the TV....) and then get back to the Abbey to see what's up with the Granthams and their downstairs help. Here's hoping this week is promising, there are no more plumbing problems and my next weekend is not filled with crazy. 

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