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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Favorite Things Thursday

This is just a short, sweet little post to share five things that I am really into this week...maybe even this month. They run the gamut from cosmetics to entertainment to food and drink. So, without further ado - five things that are pretty much my "favorite" this week!

Best. Color. Ever.
Clinique's Black Honey lipstick - which at first glance looks like it would go on SO dark, but let me assure you it doesn't and that is why I love it! I am not a huge lipstick person; I don't like to just overpower with color and that is what makes this color my favorite - it goes on with the perfect hint of color and shine, without being overwhelming. And therefore, I love it!

It's tough "being human"
Being Human - which I will elaborate more on in my What I was Into in February post but I have just been on a binge with this show for the past week or week and a half and I am eating it up. The show has a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost as the central characters, which if you've paid any attention to some of the shows I normally watch, you will know this one is right up my alley. It's even managed to draw me away from the Winter Olympics broadcast - GASP!

Ocean Spray Chocolate Covered Craisins - one of my new favorite snacks; I stumbled upon these in the Dollar General and bought a bag just to check them out. Oh my, hooked is not the word. I could eat the whole bag but I promise that I haven't done that. I eat them sparingly as one of my healthier snacks...I suppose they aren't 100% the most healthy thing I could eat, but they're better than what I've been snacking on and they still taste delicious!

Delicious liquids...with 0 calories!
Sobe Life Water Zero - When you jump into a diet and you're used to drinking soft drinks, or at least something with flavor then going to nothing but water all the time. Thank goodness I found Sobe because it has six different flavors (strawberry kiwi being my favorite) and is a really nice break from drinking plain old water all day long!

The best stuff - no doubt!
Vaseline Lip Therapy - No doubt, one of my most favorite new finds. I didn't actually find this so to speak since it was gifted to me from "Santa Claus" as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. I put it in my purse and to be honest, I kind of forgot about it until I was in desperate need of some lip gloss about a week ago and remembered this was in my purse. I haven't quit using it since; it is smooth without being sticky or gummy and provides just the right amount of gloss and tint. I love it!

So there you have it - five things that are my favorite this week! What are some of your favorite things?


  1. 5 of my favorite things this week:

    Sunshine and warmer temps - cause let me tell you folks I am ready for spring!

    An excellent checkup at the Dr - seems I am in excellent health and that is always good!

    Watching the Olympics this week - I do love me some ice skating and bob sleding is pretty cool too. And those ski jumping fools are pretty amazing!

    I love that there is now a Keurig at work - yummy and exciting! I know - it doesn't take a lot to get me excited!

    The excellent airline tickets I bought for my Mom and daughter yesterday! Really cheap compared to what I thought I was gonna have to spend and that is always nice!

  2. 5 favorites (maybe all the time and not just this week)
    electricity & fans...this heat is NOT cool

    facebook - b/c I get to keep up with YOU and others that I love ;)

    My EOS chapstick ball thingy...it's seriously awesome - although now you have me wanting to try out this vaseline one!!!

    snuggles (or more accurately "meltings") with Lyllian - because honestly who doesn't love being with a baby?!?!

    Kindle App - because 3 am feedings need something for me to do to keep myself awake!