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Sunday, February 23, 2014

And All was Calm....

Only five more days and February will be over - I can't believe it and I can't say I'm sad to see it go. February is always the most desolate of all the months and so I certainly won't be sad to see it go...not just because the weather has been dull and gray; the month itself hasn't really been walk in the park either, and so I will happily bid February adieu! Having said that, the past week was pretty good (even with some crazy, still gray and dreary weather) and that's certainly worth looking back on! This week is mostly pictures because the week was fairly uneventful and seemed to fly by.

A Monday made better with new shoes - a Valentine's gift from my parents.

Monday is tiring for everyone apparently....

A detour on the way home...a creepy house as part of the new route...

The joy of plumbing issues - not that I had this major plumbing break down this week or anything but it's kind of a constant thought in the back of my mind. I mean, I do have to think about "oh yeah, I can't just go down the hall and use my second bathroom..." those are the thoughts I have on a fairly constant basis. I finally decided to take the chance and run my dishwasher, which was far more nerve-wracking than it needed to be because I have anxiety issues and I fear that my house is going to explode due to pressure on the pipes. I know, I know...crazy. It's okay though because the dishwasher actually does work, there was no house explosion and apparently I can use the dishwasher pretty much whenever and there will be no issue. However, for the first thirty minutes that I first turned on the dishwasher I went up and down the hall to check that the toilet (and the bathtub and the sink) didn't explode with some kind of Old Faithful type geyser of pent up water. It didn't - thank goodness...and all is (kind of) well. Emphasis on kind of.

A Tuesday sunset - thank Heavens for some blue skies.

New water bottle courtesy of a visiting insurance rep...it turns blue when you put cold water in it!

Mid-week selfie!

Why is chocolate so delicious? 

Wednesday - puffy clouds and blue skies, now that's what I'm talking about!

Sweet dreams, courtesy of my linen spray!

I'd describe the teal color as pretty....if I knew it wasn't well...poop water!

The calm before the storm on Thursday night...
Oh - bad weather, how I love it. NOT. I tried to let Watson know that it was going to come a flood and that he shouldn't stray too far from the house...but he didn't listen, because maybe he didn't even know what I was saying to him because he's a puppy. Anyway, the bottom fell out all of a sudden around 6:30 and he was nowhere in sight! I called for him and it wasn't long before I saw a little white streak zipping across the yard toward the house and a rain-free zone. Thankfully it never got too awful but around midnight the weather did pick up for about fifteen minutes and when it did pass, I had to coax Watson back into his bed. The first time he got in the bed, he immediately got out and ran for the safety of the living room. No amount of sweet talking would do, so I had to scoop him up, carry him to his bed and talk in gentle tones until he decided to stay in the bed...so that I could go back to my bed. Silly little puppy.

Headed for a cloud wall on the way to work Friday morning!

Watson has friends - let there be much rejoicing!

My little brown-noser (he'd been digging in the dirt...)

I got to leave work on Friday at 1 - something new that my office has started; alternating afternoons off with pay, which is really nice. I left the office at work and took myself straight to the movies to see "Pompeii" in 3D. Afterwards I got some Chick Fil A for an early supper, stopped by the bank and still got home before 4 in the afternoon - amazing! I used my extra hour to get a jump on my laundry since I'm walking across the yard to do my laundry at my Grandma's because as I've mentioned...my washing machine is a big no-no right now. My next afternoon off at 1 isn't until April 4th but I know I'll be counting down the days until my Friday comes around again...because an extra four hours of freedom is absolutely amazing!

A beautiful Friday night sunset!

Taking a break atop the freshly raked leaves.
Saturday was delightful...mostly because there were no plumbing problems and that makes me really happy. My toilet didn't overflow and I didn't have to invite people over to dig holes up in my backyard while I had a nervous breakdown. That constitutes a good Saturday in my book. I raked leaves in the yard and Watson promptly made the pile of leaves his new favorite spot to sit - which cracked me up. I ran errands to get the mail and get groceries, had a relaxing afternoon picking up on commercial breaks while I was watching Indiana Jones on USA and then around suppertime, I spruced myself up and went to town to watch my surrogate little sister in her high school beauty pageant - which she totally should have won, but unfortunately I wasn't a judge, so she got second alternate...which is still awesome! I made a late night (okay, not really late but late for me...) Taco Bell run and came home to eat and watch Being Human with Watson before going to bed. Like I said - a good Saturday. No issues.

So beautiful in her pageant dress....and she's beautiful in her every day as well!

2nd alternate - way to go girl!

2nd alternate - we'll take it! 

Having some late night Taco Bell with newly discovered Verde salsa - hello delicious.

Thankfully it's not too hard to make a bed with a little twenty pound knot on a log asleep in the middle of it..

Sweet girls on Sunday morning!
Well - I guess that's about all she wrote this week. Like I said, nothing too much happened this week and sometimes I like things that way. On to the last week of February and soon - Spring! Oh how I'm looking forward to Spring! Now then, I don't know about you but I've got watch the season finale of Downton Abbey and get some sleep...Monday always dawns early, if not always bright.

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